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If you’re new to Internet marketing, you may not have everything you need for a basic Online Marketing Home Office. Many entrepreneurs don’t know what it takes to create an online marketing home office. Productivity will definitely improve if your office is equipped correctly – even if it’s nothing more than a laptop and high speed Internet connection.A PC and Web connection are the most obvious tools you’ll need to succeed online. It does not matter if your computer is an Intel or Mac processor. Either will function properly for your online marketing tasks. Just be aware that most Web marketing software is created for Intel computers, so if you have a Mac, you will want to make sure you can also run Windows based applications.Your computer doesn’t have to be a high powered processor unless you intend to perform a lot of graphic rendering or video editing. Most Internet advertising tasks can be performed adequately even if your PC runs on an older processor.You’ll need a high-speed Web connection, but if you can’t get one, you should still be able to get the job done. You may be slower, but you’ll at least be able to accomplish most tasks on a dialup connection.However, a couple of things might be out of your reach on dial up. For example, you may not have the ability to do much video marketing if it takes you 12 hours to upload a single 10-minute video. But beyond that, you should be able to do everything else on dial up until you can do better and upgrade.You will require a comfortable place to work, preferably with an ergonomic chair. Many people discover they’re most productive if they have a clean room with few distractions. Your working surface should be as clear of clutter as possible. Have folders ready for projects and a place to store and file your receipts along with other printable items.You do not need to have a separate workplace, but make sure you are able to have a quiet space in the event you need it to concentrate. If you live in a small apartment with loved ones, you might discover it challenging to get any privacy, therefore a good set of noise-reduction earphones and recorded white noise can really be helpful. White noise will assist in blocking out a lot of disturbing noises, and will aid you in focusing on your tasks. Music can also work, however it might be too distracting for you.Some marketers find it useful to have a compact refrigerator and microwave in their online marketing home office. This way, you are able to effortlessly grab a bite to eat or a drink without disturbing your concentration too much. If you only need to walk three feet to get a soda, your focus will not be bothered as you would be if you had to go downstairs to the kitchen. But in the same time, it’s equally essential to take a break now and then to recharge your mental stamina and maintain clarity of thought.A fax machine and printer are also very good acquisitions. Many businesses will need you to print and fax documents like a W-9 tax form. Merchant accounts, banks, and government agencies can sometimes require you to fax particular documents to them also.Most importantly your Online Marketing Home Office should help you, stay on track with accomplishing your tasks. Prioritize and organize your work, also document your goals so that you can accomplish them on time according to a realistic schedule.

How To Do Your Own Fashion PR

Having a fashion publicist is definitely worth the cost, but if you’re an emerging fashion designer, that may not be a business expense you can afford just yet. If you’re working with a zero budget for your PR campaign, don’t sweat. (Well, try not to.) Here are a few ways to get around that dilemma and pitch your fashion label on your own:1. Do research on how to pitch effectively.One of the biggest gripes that magazine editors have are weak pitches! If you’re going to go head-on with an editor, especially in fashion, have your pitch down to perfection as a PR professional would. Research what to say and what not to say. Know whom you are contacting by first name, last name, and title. Think of the “elevator pitch”. Can you introduce yourself and describe your company within 15 seconds? That’s how direct your pitch should be. List the basic who, what, where, why, when, and how in an easy, conversational tone, and conclude with an open-ended question about following up with you to send more information about your label.2. Getting a follow-up and properly responding.If you’re lucky, a fashion editor will get back to you in regards to featuring your collection in an upcoming issue. Be prepared for any requests that may be asked, i.e. designer bio, line sheets, lending agreements, or lookbook images. At this point, your lookbook or press kit should already be completed for your current collection, and make sure that it’s updated for every new season. Be swift in your responses to editors when they ask for things because they can easily move on to the next designer if you’re not keeping up with them. Remember, they have frantic deadlines and you’re considered to be on their time!3. Sending your press release to the media.A well-prepared press release can definitely alert the media of your new collection. Spend some time on PR distribution websites and study how the best ones are written. Follow the standard model of a press release and formulate a few paragraphs about the new release of your collection and about you as the designer. Set up a free account with press release distribution sites and schedule your releases to be sent out to the local media. You can also e-mail and fax your press release directly to news stations and newspapers (they’re always looking for local stories to cover). Who knows – what if you’re called in to be featured in a morning news segment? That’s definitely a good look for your press portfolio.4. Invite the media to your launch party.If you plan on celebrating the launch of your new collection, you’re responsible for securing the venue, setting up the event, and sending out media invites. It’s best to send formal invites to editors through the mail at least 3-4 weeks in advance so that gives them the opportunity to pencil you in their schedule. Fashion bloggers are also great to invite, of course. Event photos, blog write-ups, and Twitter mentions from different bloggers means more publicity for your fashion line, which you need in order to attract more customers. Make sure to save your press clips and send thank-yous to anyone doing coverage of your event.5. Make friends with fashion stylists.Another way to possibly have your fashion line featured in a magazine is to have a stylist hook-up. They’re always pulling clothes for photo shoots and looking for hot, new designers to work with. Get acquainted with some fashion stylists in your area by using social media and going to different fashion events in your city. It’s also good to know a lot of photographers, models, and makeup artists who can probably help get your collection used in an editorial photo shoot.There’s so much work that goes into handling the PR side of a fashion label that more than likely should be handled by a pro. Once your label starts becoming increasingly profitable, hiring a good PR team to help you market your brand would be the best way to go. While it’s in your hands for now, do tons of research on the job of a fashion publicist and implement some of those ideas into your own marketing campaign.